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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 8, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what comes to not only convincing congress, but constituencies. one senator says he has not seen in this riled up and passenger it since -- is passionate sense early on in the campaign. >> i am kind of fired up. >> if you think president sounds like he is back in campaign mode, in a way he is. today, he left capitol hill behind in search of a friendlier con fines to push health-care reform. >> it's great to be back here in the keystone state. it is even better to be out of washington dc. >> there is growing tension at home. democrats worried it don't have the numbers in the house. it has been reported the president's team privately predict it only has 51% of passing. republicans are pushing back more than ever. >> it will raise medicare, raise taxes, raise premiums. >> now one no vote is crying foul.
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one is stepping down amid complaints he is harassing e- mail staffer says his out was organized by the white house. >> mine is now the deciding vote on health care bill and this administration will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill and now they haveotten rid of me and it will pass. >> the president hopes it will not come down to any single vote. after all, he has won on the trail before and is looking for another victory now. >> let's get over the finish line in the next two weeks. the opportunity is here. let's see if reform. >> a very welcoming crowd inside, not necessarily all side. there were scores of protesters who lined the path of the motorcade today, voicing displeasure with the plan for health care. he will likely face more opposition when he hits the road wednesday. >> a line of thousands snaked
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through a stafford parking lot waiting to enter a federal job fair. senator mark warner was there to host the job fair. nearly 7000 people signed up. as did 39 federal agencies. that he's had to be called in to help with crowd control and traffic -- most who attended were unemployed and frustrated by how few jobs there are out there. >> it is discouraging. there are a lot of people standing out there looking for work. then you realize what our economy is going through at the moment. >> the senator says more needs to be done to unclog small- business lending and provide smarter incentives to attract jobs back to this country. he says he will organize another job fair in the coming weeks. >> thousands of unemployed americans are finding work through the senses. let's go live to arlington for the changing face of census workers. >> the last census in 2000,
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unemployment was at a record low 4%. it was hard to find qualified workers. that is not the case this time around. this man is applying for a job as a census worker. the virginia tech grad is working five hours a week in retail. >> this comes at an opportune time for me. having those hours cutback, i can really use it. >> with the unemployment rate hovering near 10%, the census bureau is seeing a much different pool of prospective workers and one decade ago. lord by temporary jobs that pay between $15.20 $3 an hour. >> we have lawyers, i.t. professionals, stay at home moms, so we have a rich applicant pool. but there is a great need. >> thousand are needed to go knock on doors, beginning in may, to homes that do not fill out and send back the questionnaire that will be arriving in the mail next week. the census bureau has rented
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various office spaces. at the foggy bottom site, one woman found a way to support herself and her 13-year-old daughter. >> i've worked for the federal government as a result in and was out of work and heard about this and i would give it a try. >> much is at stake in washington dc. each person who goes uncounted means $3,500 a year lost in federal funding to the city. the census takers will work lots of nights and weekends, ideally in their own neighborhoods. they need bilingual workers. you can log on to our web site. , for more information. -- you can log on to our web site,, for more of ration des >> the officers credited with stopping a man who was trying to shoot the pentagon metro stop talked about their ordeal today. >> the man walked into the guards and look like a regular
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pentagon worker with a suit and tie. the officers told us today all of a sudden they could tell something was different. the man had a strange look in his eye. >> they are survivors of a gunfight with a man at the gates of the pentagon. the officers say it was their training that help them take action against john patrick bedel. >> you cannot take cover, you cannot ask for back up, you have to respond. >> without warning, he opened fire on the officers on thursday evening. two of them were shot all three fired back, killing the man. >> even though it happened in a split second, it slows down and gives you time to react based on your training and experience. >> while the investigation goes on, the officers are on administrative leave -- administrative leave, but they are receiving gratitude from those at the pentagon. >> they did a good job. thank you. >> but a true appreciation here is among these officers. >> and tapis my fellow officers
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-- i'm just happy by fellow officers look out for one another. >> of the officers say they just had a live shooter trading course -- live shooter training course in february. they say was that scenario they faced thursday night and survived. >> president obama has chosen a new nominee to lead the transportation security administration after republicans blocked his first choice. , and security secretary announced today the nomination of a retired major general, robert harding. he was chosen because of his intelligence background and serving in the army for 33 years. the president first nominee withdrew from consideration after facing opposition from republicans. a u.s. baptist missionary walked out of a haitian jail today. the leader of the group remains
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treat those details coming up. >> why toyota is going after a southern university -- southern illinois university professor. >> and hy did virginia lottery is pulling ads this week. >> we are tracking another gorgeous day ahead of us. but the end of the week to be wet. we will have your forecast coming up. the risk-takers.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> one of two american missionaries being held in haiti on trafficking charges is being let go home. she's been let go after more than a month in a he gel. she and nine others were accused of trying to take 33 haitian children out of the earthquake- ravaged country. they claim they were trying to find them home so. the group's leader is the only one left in the country. >> at least 62% turnout for the historic parliamentary elections in iraq. the results may not be known for days. the u.s. took a largely hands- off approach. a key indicator of the changing little in the country. all trips are expected to leave iraq by the end of 2011. by that time, to help the troops surge in afghanistan may have enough success on th ground can begin drawing down troop levels
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in afghanistan as well. pakistan officials say they did not capture the al qaeda spokesman, the most wanted american in the terrorist network. officials say they arrested a man with one similar to what his aliases, but it is not entered >> should westborough baptist church be allowed to protest outside a military funeral. the supreme ourt had decided to weigh in on the issue. one father citigroup for an invasion of privacy and emotional distress and won th case, but an appeals court tossed the verdict out, saying the protesters are protected under the first amendment. beat supreme court will now hear the appeal. >> toyota has word -- words for a university professor and the report did he get up their vehicles. >> are the warmer temperatures here to stay? >> more good news from the maryland terrapins as they prepare to head south for the acc tournament.
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with fios you have instant access to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it.
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i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> toyoda is challenging claims
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the runaway bull -- runaway problems are the result of an electronics issue. >> there isn't a steady that demonstrated the glitches that by a professor at southern illinois university. this way it is began accelerating at speeds too fast for the brakes to slow down. researchers replicated the same college and now question the methodology. >> virginia republicans did not have the ammunition they need to get pro-then bills through. last week, decided not to let the full committee takes up 10 bills that would expand and writes in virginia. today, one senate republican tried to overrule the decision not to bring the bill before the entire committee, but he was not successful. the virginia lottery is doing its part to help chronic gamblers. the virginia law is cancelling all but that on television and radio. this is in honor of national problem gambling awareness week which runs today through saturday. lotto also recently read a series of ads are encouraging responsible play. >> speaking of irresponsible --
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of people called out sick today because of the weather. >> i thought you were looking at me. [laughter] >> of the weather look -- the weather worked out nicely. a lot of rain, probably as few sprinkles into the weekend but tomorrow is your day to get out. >are the golf courses drying ou? let's take a live look -- it looks gorgeous with clear skies butthe air is super grouper dry. when it is so dry, it will cool off in a hurry. -- the air is super dry. numbers tonight will be in the '30's after high today that was pretty testy. arlington at 57. 56 -- like some of the highs we had this afternoon. 60 was the high in rockville.
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let's take a look at the board to get the official numbers at reagan national -- you can see the spread their with averages of 53 and 35. hope no where near the record of 85 degrees in 2000. 60 right now -- all across the eastern half of the united states, a fair amount of mild air. that will be with usthrough the end of the week, but moisture will be coming eastward and will park itself just off to the west. it will suck in some moisture from the gulf and will be stuck in a wet pattern with an east- southeasterly wind flow. we have the potential for quite a bit of rain before the end of the weekend. could even be flooding concerns because the ground is saturated. high pressure over had which
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means a pleasant day, but moisture to the southwest approaching. we will see added clouds but it will still be mild. maybe an isolated sprinkle or shower. temperatures in the 20's and '30's tomorrow. 60 degrees after the afternoon. another gorgeous afternoon. not as pretty on wednesday and through the end of the week, could be a smoker with projections calling for several inches of rain. but this is when we spring had. instead of the sun setting at 6:00, the sun will be setting around 7:15. >> everybody has to love the caps. they play tonight against the stars and with 17 games left in the regular season, -- was the
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talk of the town. 30 saves against the rangers. his record is 12-0-2 with the playoffs 17 games away. but he will not start tonight against the stars. >> it will go back and forth for a little while. for the most part, due to the inactivity. we've got to get him in game shaped area -- in case anything happens. we would like to settle in on one goalie so everyone is on the same page so everyone knows what's going on. >> no questions about our -- the stars are in town tonight. the redskins are getting attention because of how quiet it's been at the park. they recruited someone from the vikings -- but fast willie is
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now medium fast. that's according to the so- called experts. he looks good right there. they are also looking at a linebacker who played for the steelers and the lions. the maryland terrapins have agreed to pay at -- agreed to play notre dame in 2011 at the that x field. what a great time this is to be a maryland and in basketball. they won a share on saturday and today, a unanimous first-team all conference pick. jordan williams was named to the freshman team but vasquez is a favorite for player of the year. williams could be the rookie of the year. those honors are announced tomorrow. it was great to see austin freeman back on the court. he was diagnosed with diabetes last week anhas had to change his diet and lifestyle. but he did not change his game. 24 points in the win against
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cincinnati. >> what the doctors said to me is resume your normal life. it's not like he is physically rundown. now that his levels are within normal parameters. as long as we can keep him there, he can do anything, i believe. >> for nets fans, maybe tomorrow against the did -- against the detroit tigers. national said it to a preseason game. they lost 11-22 before of marlins. -- they lost 11-2 to the florida marlins. they continued to roll after that. your national highlight is right here -- a solo shot to deep left field back, bak, back -- a solo blast and the national lose again. the philadelphia eagles have
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paid michael vick a $1.5 million roster bonus and a plan to keep him on. if another team comes along and ponies up the big bucks, philadelphia says they don't know if they would be able to match it. >> they have given up 61 in six games down there. >> it's still early. [laughter] >> but it's not looking good. >> is still early. officials with health ce for america are getting ready for big protest on tuesday. we have more on today's political pulse. >> they are expecting about 3000 people to attend the mass protest outside the insurance industry's annual conference in washington. supporters are protesting insurance industry executives to profit from denying coverage. it's a practice they claim causes 45,000 deaths among the uninsured each year.
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>> of the crimson tide team rolled into the white house aide to get presidential recognition trade he welcomed the champions from the university of alabama. today, the president congratulated the team and in return, they gave mr. obama a university of alabama jersey. >> that was a good game. >> a great game. >> don't get me reminiscing about alabama. [laughter] >> is the only game you watched all year. [laughter] >> that's not fair. >> tomorrow, near 60 and plenty of sunshine during the rest of the week will be what but warm. of sunshine during the rest of the week will be what but warm.
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